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We use a combination of classical fire assay and DC Plasma spectroscopy for optimum precision and accuracy. We incorporate multiple independent standards to validate our own internal standards.

We assay metals (drillings, shot, pins), powders, or liquid samples.

We do not accept the following types of samples: ores, concentrates, mining-related samples, or individual pieces of jewlery, such as rings, etc.

Umpire and referee samples welcome.

Fire assay is generally considered accurate to within 1%.  We perform duplicate analyses on all samples; then report the individual results and their average.  If the two analyses do not agree within 1% we perform a third and include it in the average.  For specific types of material or very large lots some of our customers prefer that we do triplicate analyses as a matter of course.  This mitigates variations in the sample and provides them with a better average.

Powder samples are frequently prone to producing erratic results due to the presence of finely divided metals.

email: info@pmeassaylabs.com

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